From its beginnings, the Santa Barbara Mariachi Festival has emphasized it’s revenues towards Latinos in Higher Education. Regardless of the major, we strongly believe our community will benefit greatly from our Latino students being given higher access to college degrees. The Santa Barbara Foundation takes in applications and chooses our awarded students year after year. Once chosen, awarded students and their families are invited to a ceremony, along with our sponsors, who make this event possible.

We are proud to say that since the inception of the Santa Barbara Mariachi Festival Scholarship Fund, we have awarded a total of $609,350 in scholarships towars our youth!

2016-17 Scholarship Recipients

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Gloria Catalan   San Marcos High school

Guadalupe Castro  San Marcos high school

Lourdes Cortez   Lompoc High school

Jasson Escobar   Pioneer Valley High school

Aileen Garcia-Silva   Righetti  High School

Natalie Hernandez   Santa Barbara HS

Gustavo Hernandez-Lerena  Lompoc HS

Crisoforo Hernandez-Ramirez  Santa Maria HS

Marleny Juan-Maldonado  Santa Barbara HS

Citlalin Lopez-Torres   Dos Pueblos HS

Estefania Nunez-Arroyo  Pioneer Valley HS

Maria Rosales    Righetti High School